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The Ultimate Guide To Fast Track Your Career has been written as the ultimate, no-holds-barred roadmap to building a successful career...

No matter your current circumstances, and whether you're looking to get started in your career or accelerate your existing career, The Ultimate Guide to Fast Track Your Career, will deliver. No funds, experience, or prior knowledge required.

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How To Build Relationships, How the Job Market Works, Skill Set Training VS Product Knowledge Training, Which Path is Right for you and Lastly The Job Application Cycle, which focuses on how to access the Hidden Job Market.

Whatever you believe you know about climbing the ladder, put it to one side. Read this book with a clear and open mind, as it truly has the potential to change your life. All you have to do, is study the content, and most importantly, take action.

"After 10+ years in my career, from an incredible amount of trial and error in the early days, to where I find myself today, The ultimate guide to fast track your career is the road map I wish had been available to me throughout the journey. If I had, I'd have arrived much faster. Nothing is held back, everything is given. Let's get started."
- Shaz Shafiq
Shaz Shafiq is a renowned and respected Career Strategist & Coach. As a successful entrepreneur and authority on Fast Tracking Your Career, Shaz’s ongoing mission is in supporting others in developing their own Career through Contracting and Business. 

After a difficult start in life, growing up with no guidance and with little to no financial resources, Shaz discovered that a lack of resources, was less important than an attitude of resourcefulness, coupled with a strong mindset of possibility & good old hard work.
From a standing  start, with no funds, no experience, and no track record, Shaz managed to secure a £150k contract by the age of 25, working for the top 4 accounting firms in the world. Shaz has also been responsible for helping countless others, including many prominent and well-known people in Business Transformation, become full-time Business Analysts.


It'll change your life

Review By Femi Oladipo
Gives you exactly what you need to start your career. A must read for anybody even remotely interested in building their career prospects.


Review By Lloyd Kashimba
Packed full of actionable points, strategies and a road map to generating more interviews!! 

Shaz is wonderful to work with and with his unique approach to recruitment, he delivers results. The book has actionable strategies to help you to secure more interviews. Definitely worth a read.

Usman Ashfaq 

Shaz and the team have been excellent. They helped me with a career change , coming from the IT Recruitment industry, I really wanted to become an IT Project Manager and here I am! Not only did TLA provide me with real life project experience, but they provided me with continuous support with my CV, interview preparations and general advice on how quickly I could make the change.

Faran Kalra 

I can’t recommend TLA enough. When I first spoke to Shaz, it became clear straight away that he is very genuine and that he also has a real passion for helping people further their position. The book has been extremely useful, and I’ve now successfully completed a project which has given me all of the experience that I need for my next role. The team have always been extremely helpful and friendly, responding quickly to any queries I’ve had; I can’t say enough good things about them!

Liam Williamson